Weather Update


Attention all IDBL racers

We are keeping a close watch on this weekend's forecast. As many of you have pointed out, unfortunately the weatherman has not given us the weekend forecast we were hoping for to begin 2017. As always we will make every attempt to get an event in out of respect for all of you who have made plans to spend your weekend with us. Conversely we never want to make racers travel to sit in the rain. It's always a gamble and one of the most difficult decisions we have to make.

We will continue to consult with our experts and watch the forecast closely. Royce Miller has been operating the track for the past 30 years and can judge better than anyone if we will have a window to race. We just need another day to get a clearer picture. In this area the forecast can change suddenly.

We please ask you to wait until tomorrow, Thursday, at 3PM for our final call on what we will do. I can promise once that call is made we will hold firm to it.

Thank you!

Jack Korpela III / IDBL President